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10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Should Answer

Here are my answers to Left-Hand Tarot’s questions to help you get to know a little bit more about me and my reading style! Continue reading “10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Should Answer”


Make A Scene: Using the Tarot & Film

Hi My Loves,

I wanted to share with you one of the Homework Assignments I give my students in my Creative Writing with the Tarot Workshop, to help prepare them for creating a scene. Continue reading “Make A Scene: Using the Tarot & Film”

How to Read Your Birth Chart 101: Chiron

Continue reading “How to Read Your Birth Chart 101: Chiron”

A Creative Collaboration Spread

IMG_1066 Continue reading “A Creative Collaboration Spread”

Moon Phase vs. Lunation

Hi My Loves :*

We have a New Moon coming up on Monday, and I’d like to help all my aspiring Moon Mappers out there.  I use the terms Moon Phase and Lunation a lot in my teachings, so, to get you prepared, here is an explanation of what a Moon Phase is as well as a Lunation, with comparisons and contrasts. Continue reading “Moon Phase vs. Lunation”

Hi My Loves 😘

Jessica from @craftsandcoffee and I have a Full Moon Challenge for you PLUS a New Reading Package that we’re offering!

Continue reading

Character Development Spread: Using The Tarot & Astrological Correspondences


Hi My Loves 😘

I’m offering a Creative Writing with the Tarot Workshop this Summer over at The Tarot Readers Academy!

One of the sections in my course is called Astrological Correspondences and so I wanted to give you a glimpse of how you can use Astrology as a tool in your creative writing.  Above, is one of the spreads I created. Continue reading “Character Development Spread: Using The Tarot & Astrological Correspondences”

5 Ways to Remember Your Dreams

Here are a few tips that have worked for me on my journey to remembering my dreams and I wanted to share them with you. Continue reading “5 Ways to Remember Your Dreams”

Embracing Change: How Binge Watching a Television Series Can Be Therapeutic

I first started watching The Walking Dead in the Summer of 2013, just before the 4th Season was going to begin and AMC was playing a marathon to get everyone to catch up.  I finally took the bait and decided to see what all the fuss was about.  “I’ll watch the first episode.”  That’s me giving the show a chance.  Because, I was given the gift of detecting bullsh*t.  So, whether it’s garbage and I ditch it, or it’s worthy of continuing, I’ll absolutely know within the first episode.  Of course… Continue reading “Embracing Change: How Binge Watching a Television Series Can Be Therapeutic”

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